Friday, June 29, 2012

Available Now: Toka, King of the Jungle & Toka and the Man Bats

First reprint since original 1940s publication!

Straight from the pages of Fantastic Adventures magazine, and the wild days of the pulps, comes this tale of action, romance, intrigue and dinosaurs! A homage to Burroughs, and a treat to Tarzan fans, TOKA, KING OF THE DINOSAURS, is a rollercoaster ride written by a master of the pulps, and editor of Fantastic Adventures, Raymond A. Palmer – who had also published some John Carter and Carson of Venus stories by Burroughs himself! If you like adventure, dinosaurs, invading barbarians, a feisty heroine, and wild battles as only a master pulp writer can deliver, then the TOKA series is a must read! Covers: Reprouced from the original 1945 Fantastic Adventures.

Raymond A. Palmer's Toka Series
Toka, King of the Jungle
Toka and the Man Bats

Toka and the Big Cats
$4.99 each

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