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FuturesPast Editions is so excited to the only publisher of the work of the late pulp science fiction author Stuart J. Byrne authorized by his estate, and to finally bring his entire Star Man saga into print for ebook readers at last - especially books 7-11 which have been out of print for more than a decade, and the never-before published 12th volume - that we want everyone to read this masterful fusion  of space opera, metaphysics and just plain fun!.

So we are giving away an ebook edition of the first two books in the series, Supermen of Alpha and Time Window free in a special 2 in 1 omnibus.

Click HERE to get your free ebook copy of these two Star Man novels!

Byrne wrote The Star Man saga when the last U.S. publisher of the Perry Rhodan series lost the license to translate any further Rhodan books. Asked to come up with something that would appeal to the same audience, went back to a pulp novel he had written in the mid-1950s and retooled it as an unfolding tale of cosmic adventure seemingly without end.


Below is how the author described the Star Man series when it was later sold to Dell Publishing's Dell Paperback division:

 "Originating from story material preceding Star Trek, Star Wars, Battlestar Galactica, Deepspace 9, and Babylon 5, the Star Man saga reaches beyond them in terms of unlimited concept, scope, and characterization — the kind of old time vicarious reading adventure that entraps you. 

In the far future, the trinary star system of Alpha Centauri is Man's new frontier and threshold to the galaxy. But the tri-planet dictatorship of Sol (Earth, Mars, Venus) triggers an interstellar revolution. The Star Man, Steve Germaine, becomes the catalyst: the Alpha uprisings, the mutinous star trip to Sol, capturing a prize of war, raiding the cosmium vaults of Martanium on Mars, riding a comet to Luna (our moon) and blasting the Empire Fleet, raising a second front on Venus (while enslaved), finding the lost mutant labs of the 23rd century "Magicians" (mutants), using their science to create a cosmium-powered inversion-drive star ship, then becoming lost in a negative universe and discovering the awesome Nebula Worlds, only to fall into a time trap, etc.

What of the cosmic secret of the Quasar Crystals, of the Era Unspoken, the Star Warden guidance of the Lords of the Nebula? Meet "Si" the human cyborg . . . Alphie, the batrachian mascot creature with a child mind and super I.Q. . . and great Karmax, the "Minotaur" wizard-creator of the Temonoids (one step beyond androids) with his destiny-warping super-cosmic quest. Who are the sacred ZRAAL, the oldest star race? WE are! Earth is merely a time-lost pocket colony of the ancient Zraal; Germaine is the mutant key to our new stellar emergence, aided by superhumans whose task is to prepare ALL worlds for the coming threat of the Kosmikons. (This is a Unisol word for Cosmi-Khans, Dark Force hordes from Beyond.) Hence the Star Wardens' secret communications via the Quasar Crystals, to those who are "ready" to understand. 

On the personal side, Star Man's perennial enemy is Vincent Cardwell, nefarious empire builder.. The mysterious woman between them is the beautiful mutant, Anne Cardwell, who bears a mutant son. Actually there are twins, one of whom is a negative personality, kidnaped by Cardwell and groomed for becoming Sol's first emperor. The indestructible Emperor becomes a nemesis to both Cardwell AND Germaine. Through a stolen Quasar Crystal, he contacts alien agencies of the dreaded Kosmikons.

The Star Man series is never-ending in its wide-ranging expansions and thought-variant scope. Alien worlds and civilizations, negative and alternate-time universes, cosmic purposes, cosmic threats..."

Stuart J. Byrne, 1982 

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