Monday, May 5, 2014

All 7 Emperor Books Now On Sale - To Celebrate The Emperor and the Masters of Disasters New Release!

To celebrate the release of The Emperor and the Masters of Disasters, the 7th book in the growing Emperor saga, FuturesPast Editions is putting all seven books on sale for only 99 cents each at Amazon for Kindle. 

If you like quirky adventure start with book I: The Emperor's Gambit. See Charles Lee Jackson's debonair hero and his intrepid band of adventurers in action.

Or, if you love super heroines, try Blond Bombshells, featuring the origin stories of The Emperor's gal pals, Solara and Shooting Star.

Start anywhere. You won't have a better time for 99 cents in ebook at Amazon.


THE EMPEROR'S SECRET FILES (focus is on his band of adventurers)

The Executive of Crime (featuring secret agent Max Decker)

Blonde Bombshells (featuring Shooting Star and Solara)

The Mark of Cypher (featuring Fireball)

The Trail Riders (featuring the Cassiday, Rafferty and Jones)

For forty years, Charles Lee Jackson II has been producing a body of work unprecedented in the annals of pulp magazines and comics. He has garnered a fanatic body of followers and admirers - but his work has never been made available to a mass audience before! FuturesPast Editions is prond to be designated publisher for the first ever paperback and ebook editions showcasing the exploits o his debonaire cliffhanger hero, in his fight against the forces of evil.

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