Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Friday, February 11, 2011

Out Now: The Angel Baby By Michael Swanson

Futures-Past is extremely proud to bring you a wonderful new supernatural thriller by the excellent Michael Swanson: The Angel Baby

The body of an angelic child washes up on a beach. A grisly discovery made 100 years aftr the great Galveston storm of 1900. An elderly woman is found dead in her home. Baffled police enlist an ambitious D. A.  . A pair of ghost hunters on the trail of a demonic presence discover it has a strange attraction to the D.A.  The presence entangles the D.A. and the ghost hunters in a world of supernatural terror that links past with present. Embroiled in a supernatural struggle for survival, they must free themselves of an evil presence lest they become the next victims of The Angel Baby. Will they survive?