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DIGITAL PARCHMENT SERVICES Announces the Republication of William Charles Rotsler's PATRON OF THE ARTS

Digital Parchment Services

Is Proud to Announce the Republication oWilliam Charles Rotsler's Nebula, Hugo and Locus Award Finalist Saga


For Immediate Release

Digital Parchment Services, through its Strange Particle Press science fiction imprint, and the estate of William Charles Rotsler are proud to announce the exclusive publication of an enhanced edition of Rotsler's 1974 novel Patron of the Arts ... based on his triple-award nominee fiction novelette of the same name. 

Born in 1926, William Charles Rotsler was truly a renaissance man: acclaimed novelist and short story writer, photographer and filmmaker, much-admired artist and illustrator and – how he is perhaps best remembered – and as a warm and special part of science fiction fandom.  Star Trek fans particularly owe Rotsler a debt for giving Lt. Uhura the first name of Nyota

Rotsler had a hand in locating the fossils, crystals and stones for the Nebula Award trophies as well as receiving five Hugo awards for his cartoon work that appeared in fanzines, convention program books, and magazines such as Locus. To honor Rotsler, The Southern California Institute for Fan Interests created the William Rotsler Art Award in 1998.  William Rotsler died in southern California in 1997. 

"Patron of the Arts gives us a future where art is a major driver in the culture. He envisions new technologies that deepen our arts and alter how we see our world. Rotsler at the top of his form." –Gregory Benford

Brian Thorne was a billionaire. There were only two things he cared about: women and art. And because he could afford it, he paid the world's finest artist to combine the two, to make a work of art of the unforgettable, incomparable Madelon in the new and extraordinary artform: the sensatron. Then Madelon and the artist disappeared – through the sensatron. And all the money in the world could not help Brian Thorne. To solve the secret of the sensatron, he was strictly on his own... 

That is how Brian Thorne, billionaire, found himself helpless—caught in a magnificent crystal creation that grew on Mars, and without any resources even if he could get away from the killers who trapped him there. For although they knew he was Brian Thorne, he couldn't prove it. To find Madelon and the sensatron, he had gone to considerable trouble to cover his tracks. Now he wished he had not been so thorough in turning his back on the luxury-lined and very well-guarded life he lived back on Earth. Now, when it was too late!

"A fine novel!" –Harlan Ellison

This new edition of Patron of the Arts features special bonus content – including a foreword by Nebula winner Gregory Benford, an afterword by Lambda finalist M.Christian, and a biographical sketch written by the author himself. The enhanced ebook version is available now – and a premier trade paperback edition will be coming in January, 2015.

Coming soon from Digital Parchment Services will be new releases of William Rotsler's novels To the Land of the Electric AngelZandra, The Hidden Worlds of Zandra, and Far Frontier, as well as a collection of Rotsler's short stories.

The Authorized William Charles Rotsler site

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"Mirror, Mirror" New Jerome Bixby Collection Reaches Top 10 on Star Trek Bestseller List at Amazon Kindle

  The famed Star Trek script writer's new collection of eleven stories from the pulp science fiction magazines, Mirror, Mirror, has reached the top 10 on the Star Trek bestseller list at Amazon Kindle and the top 50 among science fiction anthologies and collections.
   Before he wrote four fan-favorite Star Trek episodes, and the screen story for the movie Fantastic Voyage, Jerome Bixby (1923-1998) was a highly regarded professional science fiction magazine editor. But Bixby deserted magazine editing for Hollywood. Bixby is best remembered for episodes he wrote for the original Star Trek television series, and is much revered by series fans for introducing, in "Mirror, Mirror," the concept of the "mirror universe" where The Federation and Kirk, Spock, et al, are all their evil exact opposites in character and deed.  
   Bixby also wrote three other episodes, "By Any Other Name," "Day of the Dove," and, "Requiem for Methuselah," which are ranked among the best in the series. The new collection contains a trio of rarely reprinted novelettes containing ideas that Bixby would later mine and transmogrify in two of his highly regarded Star Trek episodes. These stories are "One-Way Street" and "Mirror, Mirror" (both used in the ST script "Mirror, Mirror") and "Cargo to Callisto" (used in "By Any Other Name"). The collection also contains Bixby's most famous short story, "It's a Good Life," memorably dramatized first on The Twilight Zone, then in the Twilight Zone Movie, and finally reinterpreted for the twenty-first century on the series 2002 incarnation, in "It's Still a Good Life." 

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DIGITAL PARCHMENT SERVICES Is Proud To Announce The Republication Of Arthur Byron Cover's Nebula Nominee Breakthrough Book AUTUMN ANGELS

For Immediate Release

Digital Parchment Services, through its Strange Particle Press science fiction imprint, and Arthur Byron Cover are extremely thrilled to announce the publication of an enhanced edition of Cover's Nebula-nominated intergalactic romp Autumn Angels.  

"Autumn Angels is a feast of strangeness populated by extraordinarily exotic, and yet deeply human characters. In part satire, in part thought experiment, Arthur Byron Cover's book is an exploration of the meaning of humanity, and is filled with enough wild images and witty dialogues to equal five books by a lesser writer. A must read." Steam Dave, Amazon

This edition features introductions by both A. A. Attanasio (author of Radix) and multiple Nebula and Hugo Award winner, Harlan Ellison, as well as a very special Afterword about the writing of the book by Cover.

Digital Parchment Services is especially excited to be able to present this new edition with the stunning cover painting by Ron Cobb, the internationally acknowledged artist and illustrator who worked on films such as Star Wars and Alien, from the original edition.  

The ebook edition of Autumn Angels is available now – with a trade paperback edition premiering in January, 2015.

Coming soon, also from the Digital Parchment Services, will be Arthur Byron Cover's An East Wind ComingPlatypus Of DoomThe Sound Of Winter, and a collection of Arthur Byron Cover's short stories.

"Three Godlike men (the lawyer, the fatman and the demon) ... seek to give a godlike humanity depression, in an attempt to make their race seek purpose and become the ultimate species in the universe. What follows is ... a novel which plunges you into an original sci-fi world which raises thought provoking questions throughout the plot ... fast paced with engaging and unique characters ... thought provoking and emotive ... Buy it now or I will send you to the antimatter universe." 
–Adam Gent, Goodreads 

The book that ushered in the 21st century – in 1975! So far ahead of its time that no one knew what to make of it!

"…recommended to readers of Douglas Adams or Terry Pratchett." 
–The PorPor Books Blog 

Autumn Angels is a fast moving, anarchistic romp, filled with pop culture references, in which the clich├ęs and conventions of sci-fi are used as slapstick props, written four years before Douglas Adams' Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy

"It takes the materials of everyday entertainments—pulp heroes, movies, comics, detective stories—and transforms them ... into a gestalt that is fresh ... the lawyer is modeled after Doc Savage's sidekick, 'Ham,' Brig. Gen. Theodore Marley Brooks; the fat man is Sidney Greenstreet; the gunsel is Elisha Cook, Jr. in The Maltese Falcon; the Big Red Cheese is Captain Marvel; the Insidious Oriental Doctor is Fu Manchu; the Queen of England who calls herself a virgin is Elizabeth I; the ace reporter is Lois Lane; the zanny imp from the Fifth Dimension is Mr. Mxyzptlk, and both the imp and Lois are, of course, from the Superman comics; the godlike man with no name is Clint Eastwood in the Sergio Leone-directed spaghetti westerns; the galactic hero with two right arms is Harry Harrison's Bill, the Galactic Hero; the fuzzy (but boring) little green balls of Sharkosh are Star Trek scenarist David Gerrold's tribbles; and you can figure out for yourself the true identities or esoteric references for The Ebony Kings, the poet, the shrink, the bems, the other fat man and his witty leg man, and on and on."
–Harlan Ellison 

No wonder Autumn Angels is a one-of-a-kind extravaganza, the author lists as influences the Marx Brothers, Monty Python, Richard Lester, the silent comedians, Woody Allen, Harry Harrison, Keith Laumer, Edgar Rice Burroughs, Dorothy Parker, Hemingway, Jeeves and Wooster, Phil Dick, Robert Sheckley, and Alfred Bester. 

"...agile inventiveness ... extraordinary salience and outlandishness ... astonishing imagination ... grotesque and hilarious ... honest and often truly beautiful ... shocking and exultant ... nothing like the usual SF fare. I read it through in one sitting." 
–A. A. Attanasio, author, Radix

Read Autumn Angels now ... you'll be glad you did!

Cover: Ron Cobb


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Trade Paper, January, 2015
ISBN: 9781500695200

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