Monday, November 25, 2013

Out from Futures-Past Editions: Jean Marie Stine's Herstory & Other Science Fictions


Rings with Truth!" writes Amazing Stories of Jean Marie Stine's science fiction.

In this first-ever collection of her shorter work, you will discover why The Magazine of Fantasy and Science Fiction hails her work as "razor-blade fiction" and the award-winning fantasist Fritz Leiber said she writes with "passion, pain, real pluck [and] a good eye for physical detail." Here you will find novelettes and shorts from Amazing Stories, Galaxy, Pegasus, SF Sagas,and other publications.

Meet the unforgettable Amy, a little girl with a doll, who lives where life is at its most dangerous -- "In the Canal Zone." What if God really was female? What if one woman had the power to make it so? Read about her world-changing decision in "Herstory." What is a woman? How many different kinds of woman are there? Discover one answer in "Jinni's So Long at the Fair," a peek into a dark harrowing future and a love that linked two ages. When a corrupt governor discovers there are some crimes even he balks at, his life is in danger and he must turn for help to the newest incarnation of the legendary sorceress, , . What is truth? Pontius Pilate wanted to know. One man finds out when he has an encounter on "The Darkside of the Moon." (JMS's story inspired in part by the life of Richard Shaver.) Then in "Phantom of the Aquarius," "Feelin' Bold," and "Reckless" you'll meet Sven Fort, a man fleeing a doomed future for an ideal past, who just can't help destroying the golden ages into which he flees.

As a special bonus you will find "No Exit," co-written with Hugo and Nebula winner Larry Niven.

"Stine exploits beautifully a full-blooded, taunt style which bears comparison with the best mainstream fiction." Foundation (U.K.)

Check out Jean Marie's only science fiction collection and see what the critics are talking about.

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